Bigfoot photographed in Mid-Maine

Maine Bigfoot photographed near Mount Katahdin.
Maine Bigfoot photographed near Mount Katahdin.

Here is a photograph from Tim Pasanen.  A logger, hunter and fisherman from Medway, Maine.  The photo was captured as he was riding along the Grant Brook Road northwest of Millinocket, Maine and a bit south of Mount Katahdin.  It was unfortunate that he had only his phone with which to take the picture.  But, at least, he got it!

He said it just got up and walked away.  He wasn’t sure what it was but said that, “It looked like a Bigfoot to me.”  Not a bear, not a deer, not a cat, not a moose.  Looked like a Bigfoot.

His boss, Jim Stanley says that he has seen two bigfoot together about a mile from the spot where this photo was taken in the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area just south of Baxter State Park in Mid-Maine.

We have picked apart the photograph with many types of filters and software solutions but have only been able to zoom with very limited clarity.

The Finding Bigfoot Shop       –      Three close-ups of the newest Maine Bigfoot shot:

Mid-Maine Sasquatch or Injun Devil. Photo of a squatch in Maine.
Close up of the Maine Bigfoot or Pomoola on Grant Brook Road. photo: Tim Pasanen
Pomoola zoomed photograph.  Do you think it is a squatch?
Depixelated close up of Sasquatch in Maine – pic from Grant Brook Road – 2013
Maine Injun Devil or Pomoola is the local Sasquatch.  On the hunt for a squatch!
Picasa “Heatmap” version of the Maine Bigfoot photographed by Tim Pasanen.

Location of Maine Bigfoot photograph:

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