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Photograph of Bigfoot in the woods.  See more photos and videos of Saquatch now on the world wide web.

More info about Bigfoot - Pennsylvania! - The Website of Eric Altman... HomeAbout EricAppearances and LecturesInterviewsContact EricParanormal and Cryptid NewsPennsylvania Bigfoot Society WebsiteBeyond The Edge Radio WebsiteEric's Random Thoughts! Eric's F...

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society...
The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society founded in 1998 by Steve Anderson and Henry Benton. The PA Bigfoot Society is a not for profit organization who's pro active volunteer members conduct, year round Outings, Expeditions and Investigations into Bigfoot Sightings and reports in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas as reported to the organization through the website and various means. ...

Pennsylvania Research Organization - Bigfoot Expeditions & Research...
We at PRO are dedicated individuals searching for the answer to the Bigfoot Phenomenon. Please feel free to contact PRO with your comments and questions. Contact PRO. We respect all opinions and all we ask is that you respect ours. Pro is a non-kill organization and we believe Bigfoot is flesh and blood. Thank You - We are a husband and wife team who started out researching and investigating the paranormal. While we were investigating the paranormal, we started researching other topics: Archaeology and Wildlife. Photography began to take a leading edge in what we did. We started taking pictures of anything and everything interesting. Even beautiful scenery took on a new prospective. As our research and investigations continued, we started using more and more equipment. This led us to using and refining equipment in new ways. Please check out our equipment used for each area of research. On our Website you will find articles on the campgrounds, State Parks & State Forests we have visited and camped at in Pennsylvania, how we rank them, useful information about them, and camping tips & recipes. Also, please check out our Road Trips. Sometimes we get into our conversion van and go sight seeing. Here we list where we have, GPS points, and why we went there. If we found anything interesting, we will show what w...

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