College Instructor presents conclusive scientific proof of Bigfoot at research conference

Mitchel N. Townsend BA, MA, EdD (ABD) of Centralia, Washington presented forensic science proof of what he says is conclusive evidence of a giant unclassified Hominin (Bigfoot) at the 69th Annual Anthropology Research Conference in Tacoma.

Townsend and one of his former students found and analyzed three different prey bone assemblages around Mount St. Helens. He says that the tooth marks imprinted upon the bones were made by an 8’8” tall Hominin that left 16” foot prints and other forensic and behavioral information that Townsend was able to situate in current scientific research.

Conclusions chart
Conclusions chart

He goes further and offers his evidence to any scientist who wants to re-examine his conclusions. He states “The evidence is clear, verifiable, and repeatable. We have solved this mystery with years of hard work and the latest forensic science techniques.”

His paper is available online.

Mitchel N. Townsend
Mitchel N. Townsend

We present a Forensic Biotic Taphonomy Dentition Signature field study of prey bone assemblage modifications from three different geographically separated deposition sites located in the immediate vicinity of Mount St. Helen’s, in Washington State. The bones assemblages are characterized as ungulate post mortem remains. Experimental hominin chewing studies have demonstrated close parallels with similar mastication evidence recovered from several Pleistocene and Holocene archeological bone assemblages. Recognition and understanding of Rib/Bone Peeling as a diagnostic signature of hominin mastication behavior aids greatly in the identification and classification of both pre-archeological and contemporary post mortem bone assemblages. We present diagnostic evidence that supports manual and oral peeling of cortical layers of ungulate ribs as taphonomically diagnostic hominin mastication behavior. The repetitive presence of these recognized diagnostic characteristics across multiple sites and evolutionary time frames enables hominin assignment with increasingly higher degrees of reliability.


1863 Bigfoot head held by hunters

Decapitated Bigfoot head held by some hunters in 1863.
*Not the actual photo. Click for a new page and the photo of some hunters in 1863 holding what appears to be a Bigfoot’s head. What do you think?

Credible Bigfoot photograph that we believe was taken with an 1863 wooden box camera. The Bigfoot photos are tintype, meaning they were produced by creating a positive onto a sheet of metal. You can tell that these photos dried quickly out in the heat of the day as the photographer captured the men at work.

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But, are they really holding up a decapitated Bigfoot’s head in the picture?  If these were fake, uh, who is even capable of this type of photography in this day and age? Also, look at the period dress and firearms..  truly authentic!

Photo close-up of the actual head. (new window)*

Is this the head of a Sasquatch?
*Not the actual photo. Click for a close up of the Bigfoot head held by hunters in this 1863 photograph of a decapitated Sasquatch.

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