Bigfoot Mother & Child Yosemite California – video breakdown

Bigfoot Mother (Father) & Child in Yosemite California 2013

Here is a video that reportedly shows a mother or father Bigfoot in Yosemite, California in 2013.  It is filmed walking into an area where some hikers are resting and, then, picking up its child, of whom, the hikers were not even aware.  Then, the two just calmly walk off down the hill like nothing even happened.

There are many crying BIGFOOT FAKE on this one on youtube.  In fact, this clip was written off as a hoax. HOWEVER … a closer look reveals how hoaxing this would be impossible (on several different points) so we have also included a frame by frame breakdown about the video.

Of, course this Sasquatch sighting in Yosemite could just be two guys (or a guy and a kid, really) in monkey suits but there are some very strange body movements that are pointed out.  The way these Bigfoot move is quite unlike a human body would.  Check out the second sasquatch video and you will see the knee-thrust theory in motion.

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Where did this Bigfoot sighting take place?   Yosemite National Park, California

Video of Sasquatch parent and child.
Mother or father Bigfoot with child in Yosemite, California.

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