Bigfoot Video from Adirondacks, NY

Bigfoot Video from Adirondacks, NY

Here is a video of a possible Bigfoot sighting uploaded from three gentlemen in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. They were filming something that was perplexing them on a hill in a valley by Old Forge. As you can plainly hear in the video, one of the guys keeps insisting that it is not a bear since it was filmed running upright, on two legs. As with all Bigfoot evidence, we’re not 100 percent sure what this thing is. It sure looks more like a gorilla than a bear. But why would a gorilla be loose in upstate New York? One of the guys said the creature was running on two legs, but the footage doesn’t, actually, seem to show that. Watch this Bigfoot video and judge for yourself.

Where was the Old Forge, NY Bigfoot video shot?

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One thought on “Bigfoot Video from Adirondacks, NY

  1. The fact is there are many reports of Sasquatch in the Adirondack Park – a heavily wooded forest preserve roughly as big as South Carolina. The ‘animal’ in that video drops into a dip in the landscape, at the same time there is a knoll in front of it which results in the viewer only seeing half the animal. I have done considerable work trying to enhance that vid and there is something very odd that moves on the shoulder of that animal… could it be an infant as seen in other videos? Whatever it is, it is no bear; as it moves with its elongated head held very erect. Bigfoot, while bipedal, have also been seen to both move on all fours, and to walk on their knuckles similar to gorillas. I live in the park and have interviewed MANY witnesses… even had a few of my own experiences over the years… even finding a fresh prints ice fishing on Loon Lake @5:30 am back in the ’80s. The Native Americans, who lived 12,000 yrs or longer in the forests of North America had no doubt they are here… yet we ignore their knowledge. One of the best videos yet came from only 200 miles west in SW Ontario in 2013 – an area surrounded by sighting hotspots: the UP of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, NY’s Adirondack Park – while an incredible trail cam image was taken in Hubbardton VT – NW of Whitehall, itself an area infamous for its long history of sightings. It too appears to show a parent cradling an infant while picking up apples. From hundreds of prints to 3 genomes, the proof is out there – but academics simply choose to ignore it… as we all know nothing new is ever found in science. Perhaps academics and naysayers should open an ancient text – as most don”t even realize that Hairymen are characters in the Bible… as well as having their likenesses adorning religious architecture dating back 1000 yrs or more, all over Europe.

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