New Maine Bigfoot evidence!

‘The most convincing evidence since Patterson-Gimlin’: Does this Maine video show proof of Bigfoot? By Seth Koenig | Bangor Daily News Mainer Bill Brock is the host of a monster-hunting show that has aired on the Discovery Channel and its Destination America sister network, and he’s been searching for Sasquatch — “Bigfoot” — for years.… Read More New Maine Bigfoot evidence!

Sasquatch hunter chased / harassed by several Bigfoot

Todd Standing Bigfoot video as seen in Survivorman Bigfoot show Here are some reported Bigfoot videos from a gentleman named Todd Standing.  He is somehow associated with Les Stroud and the Survivorman series.  Or, more accurately, the Survivorman Bigfoot series.  There are tons of speculators out there crying fake.  How can he have such good… Read More Sasquatch hunter chased / harassed by several Bigfoot