On the trail of The Jersey Devil and Chinese Bigfoot with Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

The Jersey Devil has been reported in many different forms
The Jersey Devil has been reported in many different forms

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, the team investigate The Jersey Devil in New Jersey and then head to the highlands of China in search of the Yeren.

The Jersey Devil is famous way beyond the tales that locals have told for close on 300 years and takes the form of a huge man-like beast with a giant heads and horns, though the actual descriptions vary a great deal.

It’s said that it all stems from a woman who was about to have her thirteenth child and, at the end of her tether, uttered the wish let this one be a devil. Sure enough when the baby was born it soon turned into a terrifying devil and began attacking people. Since then the legend has grown and their have been dozens of reports of attacks and numerous sightings.

Later Josh and the team head to the other side of the world as they search for China’s version of Bigfoot, known the Yeren.

If you’re a fan of the show be sure to read our exclusive interview with Josh Gates.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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