Shawn Bannon Bigfoot footage: Creature in the Giant Sequoias

A Documentary short film about a Creature in the Giant Sequoias

This is a movie from a film maker name Shawn Bannon. But there are people who are saying this was real. Shawn is being quiet about it.  But there are many questions.  Is he promoting a future movie release?  If so, why has he waited for so many years now?  Many feel that the film industry is, today, not capable of creating such reality. No CGI can create such lifelike hair or movement, background or foreground. See the first video then watch the one that breaks down the first video frame by frame.

Breakdown of Creature in the Giant Sequoia film

Here is a real good blow by blow walk through of the above sasquatch video called: A closer look – Creature in the Giant Sequoias by ThinkerThunker over at youtube:

Says one commenter: “There are lots of stories and accounts about sasquatch being aggressive or even violent. Some Native American tribes referred to them as cannibals. There are lots of stories about them throwing giant boulders, sticks, and logs at people. Stories about them charging people. There are stories about them killing people, and there are stories of people being ripped to pieces by them. There are even stories about sasquatch or bigfoot or yeti stealing and abducting human children.
And there are also stories about sasquatch being peaceful, quiet lumbering giants that would never hurt a fly. Timidly peeking out from the bushes and calmly walking away from any encounter. There are even stories about them mind-talking to people and calling us “little brother” and that they want to help us save the world.”

Where can you see the Bigfoot in the Giant Sequoias?

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Here is a photo of one of the Bigfoot clips above:

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